The first few weeks after surgery.

People are always curious about the surgery.  What was it like?  Well, first of all, I get asked what someone should bring to the hospital and the answer is earplugs and lip balm. They will provide everything else.  Even a cheesy toothbrush with one row of bristles.

I was swallowing huge pills whole while I was still in the hospital.  By the time I got home, I was on yogurt and other smooth foods like that with no little pieces of fruit in them,  No cottage cheese yet, but protein shakes and sf (sugar free) jello were fine.  Popsicles were good if I could tolerate the cold.  (Those were not appealing in a Michigan winter.)

A couple of weeks after surgery was the Super Bowl and I was feeling left out of the food frenzy.  I picked up some cheeseburger flavored Doritos and licked the powder off of the chips and threw the chip itself away.  My nutritionist did not think there was a problem at all and said that I was probably craving salt anyway.  Someone on an internet website FREAKED out and was scolding me for it.  She thought it would be like a “gateway drug” to actually eating a jagged tortilla chip.  Come on now. Like I was going to risk slicing my stomach open on a Dorito.

Oh and take whatever drugs they give you in the hospital.  Don’t be a hero!

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2 thoughts on “The first few weeks after surgery.

  1. I had my surgery just before Easter. When I went to the Easter Celebration all I could do is stare at the deviled eggs. so i got one, and dipped the fork in it and sucked a dab of filling off the fork. Made me happy.

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