Post-operative Pain

Oh where do I start. While you are in the hospital, you will feel pain.  Incisions (usually 5 — it is laparoscopic), post major anesthesia nausea, starvation, post operative drains off of you like a freaking udder.  But your stomach will not hurt. It’s like a muscle that doesn’t feel that sort of pain.  My major pain was my shoulder and it was either from the gas they blow you up with to look inside of you like a circus tent orrrr it was referred pain from my drain.

The next couple of weeks you are asked to take off of work.  It’s not for pain really.  It’s for exhaustion (welcome to the naps!) and the headaches from not eating.  And one more thing about not eating —  your body will stop *asking* for food about 3 days into your post op diet. I promise.

If you have little kids, get help —  Unless your kid weighs less than a gallon of milk.  Don’t get too much in the way of food because your tastes may change and you will not be eating much.  I ate 1/2 of  a small yogurt for a meal.

Don’t be a hero, get the drugs and use them.  And if you hurt, call your dr. I don’t care if it is the Superbowl (haha that happened) they make the BIG bucks.  Call.

After about one week you will be 90%.  As long as you are not on narcotics, you can try driving. You’ll have a dr appt to have them check your incisions. And while we are on topic, no doing the Wild Thing that first week.  Silly kids.  😉

Any other questions, ask!




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