What do I eat??

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell, what I could eat early on is very different.  A surgeon has you go in stages.  Clear liquids (and they make sure your newly modifed stomach is not leaking!), reqular liquids like broths and yogurts, then about 12-14 days later you get to move on to pureed foods and cottage cheese.  We’re healing the incision line, not trying to torture you!  But because you were on a two week liquid diet for 2 weeks before surgery your body is already used to not eating chicken strips and mac and cheese etc.

When you are finally allowed to eat refried beans it is like the best day of your life.  (Fat free of course.) And I added cheese shreds and verde hot sauce. I could get in about 2 tablespoons.

* cue up that Don’t Know What Ya Got Til it’s Gonnnnne” song……Cinderella?

Anyway, years later what do I eat?  I eat a protein coffee flavored shake on a normal day with 15 grams of protein.  A hard boiled egg or a string cheese for a snack. A lean cuisine type meal (Atkins are good!) with 16 or more grams of protein for lunch, some jerky as an afternoon snack, a small amount of what we have for dinner maybe 3-4 oz of steak and 2 tablespoons of potato salad, a Quest bar before bed (sometimes with frosting on it….oh noes…)

I drink fluids all day. Not all good fluids.  I like real sugar and my body tolerates it. When we go to dinner I order an appetizer as my main course.  (Kids meals are all corn dogs and fried crap. No wonder kids are having issues.)

Anyway, I eat less of what most people do.  And that is ok.  🙂  Protein comes first, then veggies, then fruit.  I get 60-70 grams of proten per day (was more when I was bigger and losing) and about 70-80 grams of sugar free fluids.

Just to give you an idea, a Lean Cuisine with none of the rice fills me up. If we went to MC Donalds I would get a double cheese burger and throw the top bun away and I would be full on that.  5-6 jumbo shrimp fills me up.  Oh and what happens if I eat too much? My nose starts running, then I hiccup, then it would come back up.  That has never happened to me in 2.5 years though!

Ah well, happy eating!



4 thoughts on “What do I eat??

  1. thanks for posting an idea of what you eat. I am having a hard time now figuring things out on my own but i am getting there.

  2. Thanks for the new blog site. Good to hear what you’re doing and compare notes. What vegetables work for you? I don’t see you mentioning any.

    • Oh I eat all veggies! I’m not there yet because I am still covering new post op in this blog. My only real issue is lettuce but to be honest it is more because there is not a lot of value to it. My favorite are colored peppers and green beans.

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