It seems like on every bariatric board there are a few OMG I am STALLED for SIX DAYS NOW threads.  Here are my thoughts:

  1. It’s common.  It happens to all of us.  Just keep following the plan.
  2. Are you getting in your fluids and protein?
  3. Are you exercising?
  4. Are you getting in too much sodium? Sodium can retain fluids.
  5. Are you weighing first thing in the morning or all times of the day? Sometimes we are a couple of pounds heavier at night.
  6. Are you getting good sleep? That is important to weight loss!
  7. Stop stressing out!  It’s not helping!  😉
  8. Take your vitamins! (Okay that won’t help a stall, but it is important!)
  9. Make sure you eat something full of protein right after waking up and right before bed.
  10. FOLLOW THE PLAN.  Trust the plan.  The plan is your friend.  Don’t start slipping in carbs just because you can!

Some people are fast losers, some are slow losers.  All that matters is that you are losing.  If you started out lighter, it will usually be a slower more gradual loss.  Hang in there!!!  🙂

Here is my cat in a box:



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