Obesity and Child Loss

This is part 1 of my 4 part series on why we overeat when we grieve.  Or, more specifically, why we have problems with weight after an event that includes major grief.  I’m writing about this one first because, well, it’s my life.  My life is forever changed due to infertility and subsequent miscarriages and infant loss. 

There are some coping mechanisms that are pretty common during infertility/hormone treatments and also after losing a baby.  One important one is drinking the empty calories of alcohol.  I certainly indulged in some karaoke.  Yes, it numbs you but it is true that there is never a solution at the bottom of the drinks. I looked.

Another  way of coping has to do with generally not taking care of yourself and using convenience foods.  Some women just get depressed and exhausted and don’t care about the calorie content and don’t get out and exercise.  (If you think you are depressed, it is okay to ask for help!  Call your doctor.  Call your county mental health people.  Just call.  Or find me! I’ll talk you into calling someone professional!)

Lastly, comfort foods are usually pretty full of calories.  I know that one of my favorite comfort foods was Kraft macaroni and cheese.  Totally devoid of nutrition! But it made me feel full and comforted and happy  for a few minutes. 

I’m not trying to change the world, but I *get* that after you lose a baby / miscarry / have your 5th round of Clomid and get a BFN that you will turn to food or alcohol for comfort.  All I am here to say is that if you eat something healthier half the time you might feel a little better.  Comfort foods are full of chemicals that make you want more comfort foods.  And they might start a trend of healthier eating.  🙂



One thought on “Obesity and Child Loss

  1. I did this after my infertility treatments and subsequent divorce. Hello extra 30 pounds! I wish I could hug every post-op who’s about to hit something like this and help them avoid these behaviors. Your head just ain’t right when these things happen, and you don’t even see it coming.

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